Karen & William


Our Story


William Massie and Karen Parsons met in a most unusual way. As William moved from one job to another in 2014, he unwittingly started making contact with Karen through his new position with Jersey Mike’s. Karen was the catering coordinator, and although they had spoken and emailed - they never met. Fast forward a year or two, and Will is living in Nashville running multiple stores, when Karen decides to move to the area from Savannah to get a fresh start.


Both coming off of long term relationships, they did not expect to find love anytime soon, but from the moment Karen and Will met, they knew there was something there. A spark that ignited when their hands softly touched while working. A subtle glance at each other throughout the day. William coyly asked Karen if she wanted to get to know the town, see some sights, enjoy a nice dinner. However it was disguised, what started as a tour, ended up as a date.


At the end of the evening, (after Karen had experienced Broadway for the first time) Will was walking her to the car, when she slipped going down a long flight of stairs. As he gracefully caught her in his arms, they looked into each other’s eyes and shared their first kiss. From there the rest fell into place over time. The careers changed and evolved, but they both had one constant: each other. 


It has not been without bumps in the road, and is certainly not perfect, but the people in their lives have always been there to lift Will and Karen up and support their relationship. Each day has been a blessing, from seeing the world together, to sharing a dinner and a movie. A wise person once said : “A husband and wife may disagree on many things but they must absolutely agree on this: to never, ever give up” Through this unusual year, Karen and Will have grown stronger together as a couple and individuals. Although they will not see most of you on their planned wedding day, they want you all to know, you hold a special place in their heart. They would not be where they were today without the people in their lives, and the joy and encouragement they have brought.  The adventure is just beginning!